Friday, September 24, 2010

P2P - Gauteng - Sept 2010 - Tue 21st and Wed 22nd

Tuesday 21st

After our meditation session at Aphiwe Leona took the Pratt's and Jennifer for a tour of all the crèches we are involved with. Liezl and Sue did the usual Tuesday Bible classes for the kids at Zelda and Kalina's crèche. sister Lilandi also joined us for the day! Sisters Donna-May and Julie presented a cooking class and the men continued with maintenance and upgrade work at Mph, Grace and Mavis' crèches, Lunch time was short but well appreciated by everyone. 

The lunch time Bible class presented by Bro. Hendri and Bro. Ray was attended by 8 students and quite a few questions from the students were dealt with. Sister Sue was very brave and had her hair braided. The result looked great and we have a new sister sue who is becoming well loved and respected by the community here. Liezl and Bro. Andrew helped at the KIOSK while the others did more work at the crèches. 

The team returned to Kempton Park quite tired but had enough energy left to sew some graduation gowns (the sisters) for the little ones in the crèches for their up and coming end of year functions. Then it was off to go and help with the Tuesday afternoon feeding scheme at Festival Mall. From there it was straight back to Aphiwe for supper and then the night time Bible class that was led by brother Adrian. We had 16 students attending and they enjoyed the topic that centered around what a person must do to enter into the Kingdom of God. After dropping quite a few of the students off at their homes three vehicles returned to Kempton Park at 9:30pm - The team was bushed but before bed time discussions centered around what an awesome blessed day we had from God.
Wednesday 22nd

Midweek and the team is grateful to be blessed with good health and renewed energy. The sisters made their way to Pretoria for a sisters class at the home of sister Karen Scheepers. The class was led by sister Sue. The men arrived at Anne's house for a morning of intense maintenance and repairs. Lots of work was done for a lady that have been very involved and supportive of the work that the COP Trust has been doing over the past three years. Anne is a spinster and always thinks of others (and especially the COP trust) before herself. It is because of Anne that we have had various people donate blankets, mugs, food, clothing to us at different times. It was only with gladness that we showed her a little kindness. We managed to repair quite a few things for her, prune some trees, remove a lot of rubbish, paint some doors. She was absolutely delighted and astounded by our kindness and stated that she has never seen or experienced any other church doing such a thing.

Half of the men team made their way to Tembisa after lunch. By this time Leona and the sisters visited a manufacturer of Jungle Gyms to order a Jungle Gym for Yolande's home of safety. Steve presented a Maths class at Aphiwe. Lucas, Adrian and Ray collected food parcels at Aphiwe and went to a primary school nearby who had arranged for very poor and needy children and their parents to come and collect the food parcels. We were very impressed by the teacher who organized the distribution at the school. It was also very emotional when some of the parents broke into tears when they received their food parcels. Liezl had in the meantime taken some of the sisters to help sister Lilandi move some stuff to her new home.

In the late afternoon the team all made their way back to Kempton Park where all of us started painting the jungle gym equipment that was sanded down and welded previously. The equipment started looking brand new!  At 5:30pm the team went back to Aphiwe and held a song and praise evening. 15 people turned up and lots of fun followed with singing and praise. The team returned to KMP at 8:30pm for a very late supper!

We all marveled at how fast a day can go by if you are significantly busy and having fun - and also at how much more energy we all had for each day through God and Jesus who strengthens us and leaves us energized by the reaction of love, appreciation and praise for God that we get from the people in Tembisa.

Tomorrow will be special day as we eagerly anticipate the joy of the children at Yoland'e place when the jungle gym will be delivered , God willing.

With heaps of love in Jesus
P2P Team - KMP

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