Monday, February 21, 2011

Get digging!

I had an interest in food gardening before I came to South Africa, and hoped to be able to implement it in some way while we were here.  I feel it's really important that people have a connection with the food they eat - preferably by putting in a bit of cardiovascular exercise! - as it helps us to remember the awe of creation when those new green shoots start coming through....not to mention the provision of the Almighty Creator.
Soon after we came to Margate, Ben met a photographer, whose wife was a gardener.....with an interest in community food garden training.......isn't God amazing?
We came into contact with an orphanage, where the committee who run it have kind hearts but struggle to make ends meet for the bills etc.
We are hoping to help them with advice and training very soon, but in the meantime, they have a huge plot of land which is currently growing mielies (corn) and a few shrivelled tomatoes - I could see that if this ground was used effectively they'd more fresh produce than they'd know what to do with!  They'd never have to buy any, and could probably sell surplus to get an income.

Sue (the garden professional) came along this weekend to train those who were interested.  The system involves easy maintenance, self-composting and easy watering once it is up and running.  Brother Nelson, his wife and son came along to help with the digging and pick up tips.

The first plots are in place, it remains to be seen whether they can keep up the watering in the first few this space!

your sister in Christ
Caz Parsons (Margate)

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