Friday, February 18, 2011

Our weekend of feasting

Children, laughter, Sunset, lovely weather and great friendships is what God blessed us with this past weekend. We started off on Saturday where we had a delicious meal at Molly who runs the Thato day care centre. She cooked us a African meal and we had Bro Stuart Walker from the UK and Frederick and Yolanda with all their children from the safe home joining us. Yolanda’s home of safety is only 2 blocks down from Molly, we picked the children up there ad walked up the street with one or two children each. Molly and her family really treated us by feeding all the children and serving us. After watching the Sunset in Tembisa and playing with the children on the jungle gyms we started our walk back to Yolanda’s home. It felt so good walking in Tembisa at night and feeling so safe. We had many people look at us, probably thinking we were crazy, but the children loved it and so did we.
 On Sunday we had Molly’s children attend the meeting together with Frederick, Yolanda and all her children. As we arrived all the older Sunday school children came running to collect a child and they looked after them the duration of the meeting, they were so quiet right throughout the meeting we almost forgot they were there. This was followed by and Ecclesial lunch, after the children got over their fear of the cat and dog they started to relax, swim and played with some bottle tops (this kept them busy for hours), we had a slippy slide out which was also allot of fun. As the adults discussed a book we have just read the children all had their afternoon nap. We had coffee, tea and cake and spent some more time in the garden with everyone. Hendri and myself then took Yolanda, Frederick and the 7 children home after a very long and exciting day. “What a beautiful weekend” said Yolanda as we started our journey to Tembisa.
Liezl Scheepers
Ignite2020 team - Kempton Park

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