Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jack up a shack

Maria is a regular attendee in the Johannesburg ecclesia. Her brother, who she lived with, was a member of the meeting. He past away a few months ago, and she had nowhere to live. She found a shack in a township in Tembisa but the shack was leaking. 
Because of all the heavy rain fall we had the past few months most of her things were damaged. We had many members of the meeting donating things like clothes, blankets and many more but the leaking of her shack still was a major problem.
We went to Maria on Friday the 11th of Feb. When we got there, we were joined by two 5 year old boys. They were explaining things to us but we did not understand them as they were speaking in Zulu. Our two young “foremen” were either excited or trying to tell us how to do the cementing job that lay ahead.
We (Michael and I) started to mix concrete to put all around her house. At the start of every new batch we mixed the boys were explaining to us what to do and just pointing there fingers while we just nodded our heads and said yes.
We also met a lot of people who wanted to know what we are doing and wanted to know how they could get involved. We told them about the Aphiwe centre and every thing going on there. They were all very eager to know more so maybe in the future we will have a lot of new Bible students.
With love - your brother in Christ
Hendri Viljoen.

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