Tuesday, June 7, 2011

P2P team at work in Margate

Our small team here in Margate were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the April 2011 P2P team – we are kept busy with our regular events and there were many jobs being put off until the relevant manpower and expertise arrived – and arrive it did in the form of Mikki, Tamar, Katie, Maggie, Philemon, Justin, Kate, Nat, Hannah, Kelly, Rob, Leanne, Abi & Dave.
They managed to fit some shelves in our store room – we had been accumulating donations with nowhere to put them for some time, install our digital welcome screen and fix all the dodgy church chairs, which we were always hoping wouldn't find themselves under a first-time visitor! 
They gave a dramatic Sunday School lesson on the ten plagues to all classes together, and gave Cecilia welcome help in the Good News Crèche every day.  Some of them taught at the Lorraine special school and the orphanage crèche, some lent their expertise to teaching at After School Klub, some helped plant seedlings at the food garden, and most exciting for me (Caz) we were able to do our first crèche upgrade work, at the Masinenge Informal Settlement.  
The sight of 12 GNOTKOG T-shirted members singing and painting certainly made an impression on the community!  The jaded and somewhat dangerous jungle gym got a facelift, to the delight of the teacher and children, and the teacher got the sign she had been asking for since attending the crèche course in March.
Philemon & Justin's electronic expertise helped truly launch our computer network, and thanks to Justin's design skills we had a superb flyer advertising our classes which we managed to give out about 500 of at the crossroads in Margate, in about an hour!
What a blessing to have so many willing volunteers to be the hands and feet of the Lord in serving our local community, and spreading the Good News of the Kingdom to the people around us!

with love in our Lord,
Ben & Caz Parsons Ignite 2020 Margate 

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