Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A story of Africa...

When we visited a crèche in our area to advertise the crèche course the teacher told us about Thabile and Ayabonga.  Thabile is 17 years old.  When she got pregnant her mother was very ashamed of her and has been intermittent in her support.  In the confusion of giving birth Thabile gave the wrong surname (her mother has remarried so has a different surname) to the hospital staff.  Because her hospital birth card does not match her ID book she has been unable to claim the child support grant she is entitled to.  If her mother does not feel like buying the baby milk then little Ayabonga (6 months old now) gets warm water in his bottle.  Thabile drops Ayabonga at the crèche for day care every day and picks him up on her way home from school.  The crèche waives the R50 (£4.50) monthly fee because of her circumstances, which is getting the teacher in trouble with other paying parents.

When we heard the story our hearts went out to this girl.  We had some money from Meal A Day and Ben's sister so we visited with an emergency aid package of formula milk, nappies, wipes and a few items of clothing, plus some soap, toothbrush & toothpaste for Thabile – because it's hard to care for another if no one is caring for you.  We urged her to pray to her Heavenly Father for help and support, and to thank Him for these gifts.  We gave her advice as to the steps she can take to amend her hospital birth card to start the process of applying for her grant. We will keep in touch to ensure this is progressing. (The toddler in the photo is Ayabonga's uncle!)

Thabile is probably one of many thousands like her just in our area, but she's one we could show the love of God to.  We pray she will lean on Him as she struggles to bring up this child, pass her school exams and retain some dignity.........til Christ comes! Amen.

Caz Parsons, Margate Ignite 2020 team

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