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Update on Durban Projects in April/May

Durban Summary of Activities April-May 2011

Photo by Mikki Pogson
The"Jabula, Jabula" P2P team comprised of 14 volunteers arrived during the Easter holidays and holiday clubs were held at Lamontville and Clermont with over 100 kids in attendance. They also visited the rural township of Ndwedwe, where they camped without ablutions for 3 days and 2 nights, helping out the local community by collecting sand for their concrete slab, planting a sustainable garden and supplying some food for nearby orphans. They were involved in many other projects including distribution of food parcels, after school clubs, sunday schools and youth classes.  Many thanks to Hannah Wisner, Justin Allfree, Kate Harrison, Natalie Ferguson, Kelly Smith, Philemon Burney, Katie and Maggie Schlageter, Tamar Diephenheim, Mikki Pogson and the Hyndman family for brightening the lives of so many here in South Africa.

Photo by Simon Peel
An educational outing to Ushaka Marine World Aquarium was organized for over 30 students from Happy's school for the disabled.  The volunteers were able to deepen relationships with the students that they work with each week by sharing a special day learning about God's amazing sea creatures!

Photo by Sam Collins
Nozipho, a previous student from Happy's school and baptized sister in Westville, has recently undergone 6 months of surgeries in hospital and has received increased mobility.  COPT and its volunteers have arranged for her new housing in Cheshire homes in Queensburgh where she is settling in well. If anyone would like to write to her she can receive mail:
Queensburgh Cheshire Home

PO Box 132, Sarnia, 3615 
KwaZulu-Natal • South Africa
Nozipho Hlongwa

Waiting for parcels

The Clermont township feeding scheme program initiated by Simon and Emma Palmer and funded by an anonymous donor from the UK has been in action now for over 6 months and has fed 1200+ families of orphans!  This project has exceeded its initial funding and we are actively seeking new donations to keep this wonderful work continuing.  Email to find out how you can help!  We recently had the wonderful addition of a local caterer joining us to provide hot meals to those families that are on the waiting list to receive food. This has provided a more positive atmosphere as there are many people that come to collect food parcels and there are not enough to go around.

Ngomusa choir photo by Kwanda Mzulwini
Photo by Sonya Szabo
We say a sad goodbye to long term volunteer Maggie Schlageter (USA) who has been with us since January.  She has brought light and life to so many of the projects: Clermont, Ndwedwe, Afterschool clubs, youth and the feeding scheme to name a few.  A quote to sum up the love she shared here:  Within 24-hours of landing she was driving stick shift on the left side of the road, serving soup at an HIV/TB clinic, playing soccer/football in the road in the clermont township and being lovingly welcomed to South Africa with zulu hymns and dance in an area that most white people wouldn’t venture. Blessings as you return to the USA!

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