Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baptisms at the International Family Bible Conference.

It was a day of special joy on Friday 7th October when Eric Mphalela and Mpho Mahlangu was baptised into the saving name of Jesus Christ. Eric and Mpho have been attending the Tuesday night Bible classes in Tembisa for over a year. They have also been part of the core group that meet together every Sunday in Tembisa and form part of the satellite ecclesia in Tembisa.
This all is really the long term result of the 2010 and now Ignite2020 preaching campaign that led to us doing community outreach work in Tembisa. The outreach work led to the establishment of a community centre that gave us a permanent presence as well as a venue to have Bible classes.
It has been a wonderful privilege to see Eric and Mpho grow in knowledge, understanding, wisdom and faith. Both Eric and Mpho managed to organize leave and funds to go to the International Family Bible Conference that was held from the 2nd to the 7th of October this month. They were interviewed by different brethren at the Bible Conference and each gave a good confession of their faith.
The setting for their baptisms was beautiful as the Bible Conference venue is situated in the Drankensberg. Those who attended had the privilege to witness the baptisms against the backdrop of majestic mountains and wonderful surroundings. We were all vividly reminded of God’s creation power in Genesis chapter one but also the new creation He has done in Eric and Mpho through Jesus his son.
We praise God for the growth in our ecclesias and pray that he will give us the strength and wisdom to walk together in unity and fruitfulness as a family in his son.
With abiding love from the Ignite2020 team in KMP.

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