Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clothes, clothes, clothes, FUN and jumble sale

We had a donation of clothes from a school in Pretoria. They had
gathered together over 9 tons of clothes, shoes, blankets and towels.
We received about 50 bags which were packed in the back room of Aphiwe, there was so much stuff that it was about 2m high and 3m wide. We decided to host a games evening for our Aphiwe youth so that we would have 30 odd hands to help unpack all the clothes and pack them out on the tables for a jumble sale.

After playing some games with them and singing songs, we had the
children (30 – 35 of them) line up from the back room to the main hall and they started throwing the bags to one another in order to get all of them to the main hall. We had Hendri join in and throw far and hard and it caused chaos because now all the children were also seeing how hard they could throw one another with the bags. Once all the bags were in the main hall we had a massive pile which became the landing mat for some children who decided to jump on it. Hendri and Rachel also joined in the fun and jumped on the top of the pile. 

The children started throwing bags on top of them and Rachel just disappeared beneath the clothes. We had to jump in and save her! We got everything in order and under control again and the children started packing out the bags on to the tables and some girls helped me clean the back room which was to be cleaned and organized for Lucas who was arriving in less than 5 minutes to host a business club!!! 

We got the job done with a few seconds to spare.... In the process of
sorting out the clothes we had two girls, Annah and Thato, lose their jackets and a hat.... Now to try and find their clothes in between ALL the 1000's of clothes lying around was almost impossible. We couldn't find Thato's jacket but did however find Annah's hat the day of the jumble sale... lucky girl ...

The children could all choose 2 items of clothing which they could
have, this was to say thanks for helping us sort out the clothes, many
of them took ages to decide, so we started counting down on the
microphone we had set up... the closer we got to 5 seconds the
louder the girls would shriek to say they need more time!! Everyone
got their clothes at the end of the day and all of them got a food
parcel too. The next day we had many people from the community come and support the jumble sale, all the items were either R1 or R2. We had ladies buy 3 to 4 bags full of clothes and they would pay only R180... what a Bargain !!! 

We managed to raise a good amount of money to subsidise 2 of our youth, 1 sister and 5 students from Aphiwe to attend the International Family Bible Conference. Lord willing there will be 2 of them who will be baptized at the camp too.

Liezl Viljoen

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