Friday, October 14, 2011

Saturday Bible Club v2!

Always ready to copy good ideas, especially ones that originate with our dear COPT colleagues in Tembisa, we started our Saturday Bible Club in Gamalakhe township this week.  The venue where we hold our youth club, in conjunction with Indumiso Group, is available to us the whole week – if only we had the time!  But after a committee discussion it was felt that Sunday Schooling was something we could fit in – but not if it clashed with our Sunday School here in Margate – so Saturday Bible Club was born!  It started with just 2 children at the start time but a walk round the block and some singing attracted a few more, so we reached a grand total of 11 who learnt about how the Son of God was born not in a fancy palace or hospital but in a cowshed!  We all had fun and we know that the Almighty can work big things from small beginnings so we pray for his blessing on the Club in the coming months!

with love in Jesus - the reason we do it
Caz Parsons
Ignite 2020 Margate

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