Friday, February 10, 2012

End of Year Sunday School Celebrations

At the end of each year we try to host a prize giving and celebration for our Sunday School students.  In the past we've had donations from all over the world to treat these township youngsters.  This year we discussed at our weekly mission planning meeting  how we didn't have any funds to do these celebrations for Lamontville, Clermont and Marianhill.  We decided to go home and pray about it.  Soon after, we received a donation from a former volunteer's ecclesia and another from a couple in Australia at the same time - the exact amount to do 40 gift packs for Clermont and Lamontville and send the Marianhill kids on an outing.

On Sunday we had a nice celebration in Clermont - we gave out food parcels to the regular attendees and chocolate slabs thanking those who had been so dedicated to running soup kitchen, teaching classes, etc.  We were worried that we would not have enough, but there were exactly 40 children to receive the gift mugs.  They were so excited to receive their soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, candy and small toy in a mug.   It was very special to the children as this volunteer had worked with them for the past 2 years and it was coming from her family's ecclesia.  

The Mariannhill Sunday school were transported to a special outing on the beach including a lovely picnic lunch and swimming.  The remainder of the funds were used to buy clothes for 3 needy Sunday school students.  A great day was enjoyed thanks to the blessing of a timely donation!

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