Monday, February 13, 2012

What a wonderful Sunday it has been!

There was great joy this Sunday afternoon as three new Congolese brethren were baptized at the home of Bro. Mickey Scheepers after giving good confessions of their faith. We were all humbled by the way God's word has again been powerful in renewing their minds to believe the Gospel message and respond to the call to become part of the body of true believers who are awaiting the return of Jesus to set up his Kingdom.
Our new brethren are Bro. Ramazinni Emena, Bro. John Kiza and Bro. Ebengo Pelele and it was a privilege to break bread with them and give them the right hand of fellowship soon after their baptisms. The Congolese ecclesia in Pretoria is growing steadily with about 6 more students attending the meetings regularly. It is very rewarding to see the joy they share and how the brethren are also very involved in teaching the new students.

Ramazini getting baptised

Ebengo being baptised

John Kiza's baptism

Bro. John Kiza

Bro. Ramazini Emane and his wife Salinga

Bro. Ebengo Pelele

The growing Congolese ecclesia in Pretoria with students, Sister Karen Scheepers, bro. and sister Michael  and Lilandi Scheepers, sister Lauren Ghent.

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