Thursday, February 23, 2012

God working in Reunion Township

One of my favorite activities here in South Africa is sharing the Word of God with interested students.  One of my most interested students, and a young brother I truly enjoy mentoring is Siphiwe.  He came to us through the missionary activities at a hospital almost two years ago.  Siphiwe has been growing steadily in his Bible studies, working at the BEC, and in his skills in sharing with others.

Siphiwe's "Back-Story" is very interesting and boils down to growing up in a township where he regularly attended a local Bible study group, though he himself wasn't one of those who followed the teachings so much.  When he heard our teachings he was able to receive them and he became very urgent in his pursuit of Biblical understanding.  One of the first results of this, after his baptism, was that his Bible class teachers in the township wanted to know about his conversion and what it was that had caused such a radical change in his life!  They asked him to lead a Bible class with their students in the township, about 45 kids in all.  Wow, what an opportunity.  For about a year and a half he's been leading the course with the God's Master Plan teaching material (8 classes), followed up by a graduation,and then proceeded to the "Learn Your Bible" series (22 Lesson) that is about to conclude in 2 weeks (we'll have a new graduation pic soon ;-).  

But wait, this isn't all…In addition to the structured bible courses, the kids really enjoy hearing prepared classwork, so I have had the privilege of sharing many different classes with them, geared around helping them learn about the Bible.  It’s a  great combination because most of my classes contain verses and concepts that very specifically reinforce the God’s Master Plan course and the Learn Your Bible Courses.  Over the last year I’ve had the privilege of talking to them about God’s plan revealed in Genesis (a 5 session class), Man’s role in God’s plan, our future hope, God’s promises to Adam, Abraham, David, all revealed in Christ and fulfilled through him.  I’ve had the privilege of addressing what Baptism is all about, to address the wrong teachings about tithing, the sabbath, of course replaced with teachings in line with the Biblical Model.  I’ve had the privilege of teaching a class regarding God’s expectations for us in our Lives.  And again I find that with all of the teaching I’ve been privileged to do, I’m probably learning more than the class is, even collectively.  It is amazing how God works in us to reveal Himself and show us the way as we seek to help others.

As a result of Siphiwe’s weekly teachings, the hosting family, the Manzini's, have become convinced of the teachings we've shared.  Mamma Manzini (the mother of the family) has even paid her way to the Family Bible Conference in 2011 and was "blown-away" at the teachings and the fellowship that we enjoyed.  She has been constantly "On Fire" with sharing our classroom teachings and her enthusiasm for our classes ever since.  Her husband Babba Manzini (yes, father of the family) has committed to attending our next year Bible Conference as well, and they've both stated their intent to have all their kids there as well.  How exciting is that?

The Reunion Bible study group can become so much more, with God’s involvement.  We have the potential for home-church and ultimately a community centre church there in reunion, God Willing.  Our current near-term plans are to continue with the next set of classes, and to provide bussing on a monthly basis, rotating these young adults to our several ecclesias, once a month.  Our whole hope and desire is to see this community coalesce into a new young vibrant ecclesia here in South Africa!  With God, all things are possible!

The next Reunion group update will include pictures from our free bible give-away to 33 of our students who currently don’t possess a Bible.  Additionally, the whole group will be receiving their certificates for completing the “Learn Your Bible” 22 lessons course.  This is a momentous day for these young adults, and I can’t wait to share with you once it is finished.

One Spiritual lesson I experience from all of this?  As a spiritual farmer sowing seed, don’t pay too much attention to where your seed will land - with your eyes, you will be unable to see where the good soil is.  Let God ensure that the seed falls on the right soil and He can make it grow!  But still, we MUST sow!  No-one would have picked Siphiwe as the soil with whom the seed would grow, but now the seed has grown and is producing fruit in abundance, and we aren’t even at the Harvest yet!  Praise be to God!I request that all of you who have read this note could stop and spare 2 minutes to pray for the Reunion class, that God would continue to work His miracles there, to grow his Family that we might see His glory increased!
Thank you.  Cam Beeler

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