Monday, March 11, 2013

Sisters Bible Study Classes

I thought to write of our weekly Sisters Classes that take place here in Gauteng. These classes have been going strong for a good couple of years now. As the years have passed our numbers went down as some sisters moved to different parts of the country and some sisters started working. We have in the meantime also had newly baptized sisters from Tembisa join us so the numbers have grown again. I am very blessed to still be part of these classes too.

We have been learning this year mainly of different women in the Bible and today looked at how we remember Jesus in a SMILE…

S – Savior, Servant, Shepherd,
M – Messiah, Master, Mediator
I – I am the way, truth and life. I am the light of the world, I am the door, I am the bread of life, etc.
L – Lord, Lamb
E – Emmanuel

The classes teach us allot and we also learn so much from one another. We have both very young and old attending the class as the picture below shows. Sis Rene is close to 91 years of age, she attends every class and still reads and gives her ideas on the classes presented. Then on the other hand we have little Zante who is now 16 months also attending and she will walk around sometimes drawing her thoughts on everyone else's papers! It is a true blessing to be part of these classes.

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