Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kingdom Kids

Recently the "Kingdom Kids" have been working through lessons following the theme of "Lead the Way, Jesus". We have been exploring events in Jesus' life, such as when he stayed behind to discuss biblical matters with the priests and elders, and then finding ways to apply his example to our own lives.

Here are some examples of these applications:
We should always strive to please God & our parents through obedience.
We should serve others with caring hearts.
We should know and live the Truth (God's Word).
We should praise God and be grateful.
We should show kindness to everyone.

Of course no lesson is complete without a craft of some kind - and I would like to share some photo's of the craft we did for the "kindness" lesson. The event we looked at was Jesus healing the two blind men, even when the crowd was rebuking them. Since blind people usually wear dark glasses I picked that as our craft basis, and then added colored cellophane for lenses.

Cherish showing off the example craft
Tania chose to make heart-framed glasses
Tumi & Junior acting cool - these two teens are really great kids with hearts full of love for the younger Kingdom Kids
Taffi (Cherish's older brother)
Cameron gave his glasses a more modern look

Angelo. They wrote their memory verse (1 Thess 5:15) on the frames

While doing this craft it really struck me that, just like the world looks different through the glasses they made, the world looks very different when you are looking through Jesus' perspective. Then you realize that every single human being is special, uniquely made in God's image. You realize that each and every human being deserves to be loved and respected. You realize that everyone deserves to hear the Good News of the Kingdom of God.
For us, that last realization is what inspires & motivates us to keep looking at the world through "Jesus-colored" glasses.

With love in Christ
Michael & Lilandi Furstenburg
"... always try to be kind to each other and everyone else" (1 Thessalonians 5:15)

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