Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SNUGGLE up for Bible Study!


I am very blessed to be back in South Africa for another stint with the Scheepers family. Upon my arrival, I was again very quickly integrated in their normal activities. I was pleasantly surprised, and thoroughly tickled to see how much the Wednesday Tembisa women's bible class and SNUGGLES distribution program had exploded since I left back in November 2012. There was a gathering of twenty-five women at the bible study, and about five more that came just for the SNUGGLES distribution.

Seven months ago this gathering was only about ten ladies! The women were all actively involved in the bible study and discussion. We read and talked about Abraham and how we are made part of the promise God made to him.

This topic was suggested by one of the ladies, and at the end they openly expressed that they understood how we are Gods children though we all come from different "blood" and color. After our bible class, we laid out one suitcase of SNUGGLES squares, totaling between 800-900, and let the ladies take one prepackaged stack of 25 plus pick out 25 more from the pile. Talk about excitement!!!

Later that day we visited a crèche where we handed out some finished SNUGGLES blankets. The children loved them, and the teacher could not stop smiling! This is truly a Touch to Teach program, directly showing the people how much we love them!

Kaitlin Ross

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