Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pre-school upgrades in Tembisa

The past few weeks we have had a record breaking amount of creche upgrades, God has blessed us and is always involved in helping provide the funds and the man power to make a difference in these teachers and children's lives.

This is what happens at most upgrades: We arrive and clean out the class rooms and clean off anything from the walls and then wash them down with sugar soap. We then start painting the classrooms, dark color at the bottom and light color at the top. 

Next, murals get drawn on the walls and then people start painting them different colors. Material ceilings get put up and shelves and desks get built and installed. In the kitchens shelves get installed and murals get painted on the walls.

Outside gets cleaned and balancing beams, tyres and jungle gums get installed and painted. If there is a cemented area we paint hopscotch on the floor too.
he teachers of the creches make delicious lunches for all the hard workers and we all enjoy lunch with them.

Below are a couple of photos of creches we have upgraded.

Our community centre in Tembisa, Aphiwe, also got upgraded a little. There is always some program running from the centre so to find a couple days where it was empty was a challenge. We went in and cleaned the whole place properly and also repainted the walls and shelves and the garden was cleaned too.

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