Monday, July 6, 2009

P2P July 2009 - Kempton Park

Our P2P week had a very productive first day. Our team of 6 girls and 3 guys got off to a flying start and did some dirty hands on work that was most rewarding. Our goals of cleaning and clearing a large garden area at the Modimo Oteng Crèche so that some Jungle Gym equipment can be set up there was reached within an inspiring 3 hour work spell from the team. At present the 42 children at the crèche only play inside the hall and never go outside to play. We are looking forward to tomorrow when the Jungle Gym equipment will be delivered and we can see the children's excitement as they test out their new play ground.
The team also managed to replace the carpet in the crèche with a newer, bigger one. The container was also sorted out and now has all the toys and educational material neatly packed and easily accessible. There is even a mini library and a carpet in the container to encourage the little ones to read.
A busy week lies ahead but we are looking forward to do some more maintenance and upgrading at the crèche and also to running a holiday club for the older children from Wednesday to Friday as well as a bible study weekend camp for some young people in Tembisa that never get the opportunity to go on such camps.
More on the week to follow later
The July 09 P2P team. 

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