Wednesday, July 8, 2009

P2P - Kempton Park July 09 - Day 2

It just takes a few people - lets say nine
Give them a common goal - lets say to show the compassion Jesus did and to make a difference for some who get by on precious little every day
Transformation then becomes inevitable - what was once a overgrown unfriendly unused piece of ground lying waste now is a living playground where children have fun, play and without knowing are improving their cognitive skills. 
It was a fantastic day for all of us to experience the joy of over 30 children as for the first time since February they could go outside their crèche and play outside! there was great excitement and laughter as the jungle gym equipment was quickly full of little ones. the teachers were also very grateful as it will give them at least two hours of peace a day as the kids get rid of their energy outside instead of being inside all day!
We also had the privilege of painting Mpule's (the head teacher of the crèche) room. She lives adjacent to the hall that is rented to function as the crèche during the week. Her room was really in a terrible state (wall being awfully dirty.) The new paint made a huge difference and makes the room a lot brighter, happier looking and it also looks bigger. Mapule was ever so happy with the end result.
We again praise God for the health and opportunity he has given us to reach out touch the lives of others in a way that will be beneficial and meaningful to them for a long time.
P2P - Changing Lives Become Life Changing  

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Petra said...

It is amazing to see what a difference you are making to all these children's lives. You are showing them that someone loves them and cares who they are and what they do. May God continue to bless everything you do.