Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Mini" P2P - July 09 - Kempton Park

Brethren Grant Chapman and Jonathan Deering has joined us for a three day mini P2P program. they spent Monday doing BEC and 2010 related work. Tuesday was "hard labor" day as we completed phase two of the playground "installation" at the Modimo Oteng crèche. There was still a fair bit of overgrown ground to clear. The dust was something else but it was well worth the work. Just as rewarding, however, was the fact that two ladies who live next door to the crèche came and offered their help. They wanted to also be involved because they have been noticing the people that have been working there over the past two weeks. So from a 4 man team we grew to a 6 member team with Queen and Pumsile just as eager as the men were to get on with the work. It was a reminder to us that if we continue to show Jesus' love in our actions it will rub off on others. We invited them to our Sunday morning Bible classes held at the crèche and they indicated that they will come and join us.
It was amazing, after an hour, how much better the play area looked. Once the tyres were put into place to make a nice "race track" the playground really looked neat and inviting. We thought we would call the track a "Grant" Prix track where the kids could have "En-deering" races instead of enduring races :- )
After a good 4 hour slog our objective was reached - a large play area for the kids where they can enjoy a variety of activities on various equipment. The team effort reminded us of how wonderful it is going to be when Jesus returns and cleans up the world once and for all together with the saints.
The P2P team - Kempton Park  

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