Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Preaching ........... using words

The July 09 Kempton Park P2P group ( also knows as the gorgeous girls :-) )  supported our preaching effort in Pretoria Central that has been going on for the past four months now. It is great to have the help of brothers and sisters at these classes where we have 8 interested Congolese students. These students have immigrated to South Africa but some find it hard to find permanent employment. They are, however, very keen to learn about the Gospel message and are no longer going to their previous churches as they are becoming more and more convinced about the truth and the need to be baptized and form an ecclesia in Pretoria itself.
The group formed after Allan starting talking to Brother Damas who also lives in Pretoria. Allan then wanted to know more and brother Bill Jardine who visits Pretoria occasionally and has been doing a lot of preaching work (leaflet drops etc) there also got involved. Bro. Damas also spoke to a lovely young lady (Kiza) and she is one of the most committed students who comes to all the classes. With both brother Bill and myself (Lucas) involved the class no consisting of 8 students have been able to receive a lot of Bible studies. 
It has been particularly helpful for them to have attended the satellite meeting in Pretoria held at bro. Mickey Scheeper's house on the last Sunday of each month. God works in wondrous ways - especially in the way the volunteers who visit always play a part in enhancing the preaching. Bro. Bill and I stressed to the students that we are part of a world wide family. They fully appreciated this when on the Sunday at Pretoria sister Sarah Jones from the UK joined us. She grew up in France however and can speak French - she connected with the Congolese students very well as she could speak to them in their own language. the students have also been impressed by the willingness of quite a few volunteers that were more than willing to visit them and share studies with them. Kiza in particular has also been inspired by meeting sisters who have a faith based on a sound knowledge of and conviction in the Scriptures.
We remain thankful to all of you who continue to pray for us regading the work going on here in Gauteng and for the various other ways you have supported us. God is our eternal Fahter and it is wonderful to know that we can praise him eternally for the great works he has done and still will do, shluld we remain faithful, steadfast and abounding in the work of the Lord.
Loads of Jesus' love from the P2P team   

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