Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Howdy from Durban,

The 2010 project year has officially been "Kicked off" with the Start of the year Youth Gathering that occurred in Hebron Haven.  This years Hebron Haven Youth conference was amazing!  We had students between 10 to 20 years old attending on of three age-appropriate classes, and group classes, morning meditations, and evening talks and youth Survivor challenges daily!  Fun and Sound scriptural studies were enjoyed by all.

My three favorite items were:
1) the Thursday night "Family" candle-light memorial...

2) Daily memorials led by the youth

3)  Survivor challenges (New ones every day...)

Survivor air Soccer (or Football for those not from the States).  Even with the restriction of using straws to blow the soccer ball, there was still a lot of "Heading"  ;-)

Here we are doing a Scavenger hunt.  One of the clues was locked in a bag under the water in the dirty pool.  It must be unlocked while under water.  Fun huh?!  Here is Hendri trying to find the locked bag ...hehehe....

Oops, I had the last two puzzle pieces in my pocket, says Mat.
Is this why it's called survivor?  Naahhhh, his team was very understanding ;-)  The Scavenger hunt was very successful!

Many thanks to all the teachers, for the coordination, for the well behaved youth, and the Hebron Haven staff for all the support and dedication to make this such an amazing event!

This was an amazing beginning to a very exciting project year for the 2010 program!  Much more to come, too!

Stay Tuned!
God Bless,

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