Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Juma is baptized and our joy increases

We had the privilege of baptizing Bro. Juma Wilondja on Sunday afternoon. Bro. Juma had been faithfully attending the satellite Congolese ecclesia in Pretoria Central for the past 8 months. He was interviewed last week and gave a good confession of his faith. He is a lovely young brother that takes his christian life seriously and we were all very happy that he decided to dedicate his life to God and Jesus. The Congolese ecclesia in Pretoria now has 6 members and it is our privilege to support them every Sunday afternoon when they have their memorial meeting. Various brethren and sisters from overseas have also visited them on different Sundays and they have experienced practically what it means to be part of a world wide brotherhood.
With abiding love from the brethren and sisters in the Kempton Park meeting   

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