Thursday, January 28, 2010

Creative preaching

The latest P2P campaign provided us with an unique creative way of preaching. The P2P group went to play ten pin bowling as a social night out event. All the members of the team wore "the Good news of the Kingdom of God" t-shirts. We really stood out as a group and it was clear that we were a group of Christians. Lilandi had a very creative idea however that added even more preaching value. Instead off putting our names on the electronic scoreboard we put words that would make a sentence that related to preaching the Gospel message. This called for some innovative thinking as the names only allow for 5 characters. There were two lanes so we had to divide into two teams and thus had to come up with ten words , 5 each making a sentence. Mat came up with the first which was "Gods grace can save you" and Lucas with the second which was "Love gives many souls hope". 
So when people looked at our scoreboards there was a gospel message for them instead of names. It worked well as the lady in the group next to our lane asked Jonathan about us and he had a chance to chat to her about who we were and what we were doing. It brought home to us the fact that the world is still full of people who are Christian and notice when other Christians live their faith and are happy to declare it publically. We cannot preach the gospel directly everywhere or convert people on the spot but we can be the salt of the earth and add a flavor of grace and encouragement just about everywhere we go - all it takes is a willingness to be create and mindfulness of the opportunities that are everywhere.
With abiding love from the KMP 2010 team

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