Monday, January 18, 2010

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Kids


Just a note on a P2P / COPT fundraising event that is fully underway!

A group of 4 Christadelphians, my brother Jon Beeler (from the States) and a National Sports announcer for a Major South African Radio are joining together, climbing Kilimanjaro together,  to Champion the cause of the COPT and raise funds to help us continue the operations and Developments of additional Good News Center "Creches" here in South Africa.

The Creche's give us an avenue to help the poorest and most helpless of the communities here in South Africa - The Children!  We provide Preschool environments, food, supervision and education that includes basic education methods but includes non-secular/Christadelphian educational materials as well!  Many of the posts on this BLOG are a testimonial of the wonderful work that occurs with the children in our Creche's.

Our goal?  We seek "one child at a time" sponsorship from around the World to help us help these children.  Our costs to fully sponsor one child is about R 125 / month.  In US Dollars, this equates to about $15 / month (depending upon current exchange rates).  Not bad for full time preschool, huh?

It is important to note that 100% of the contributions will go straight to the Schools and children.  None of it goes to admin or other costs as all of the COPT trustees and project workers are 100% volunteer basis.

For further information or to contribute to our fundraiser, you can go to  the following sites:
COPT Donations

For further inquiries, you can ask me - "Cameron Beeler" - on facebook, or email me.

Your prayers on our behalf are also much appreciated!!
God Bless,
Bro Cam

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