Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Bible Club

This morning, some members of the Kempton Park preaching team launched our first Saturday Morning Bible Club for children ages 10-15 that will run every other Saturday morning from 9:30 – 11 am. With this being our first venture into the township of Delmore Gardens for a bible program, we didn’t know exactly how many children to anticipate and expected approximately 30 students… but in actuality 52 children arrived for classes. They were well-behaved, eager to learn, had a respect for God, and we found the older students had a solid bible foundation that we could build on.

We hold the Saturday Morning Bible Club sessions at Dorris “Gogo” Zwane’s GOD IS LOVE Creche where we teach bible lessons, feature fun activities, and play educational games with the children from the township of Delmore Gardens and an adjacent shantytown.

Sis. Megan Sabo from the U.S. led the children in a lesson on understanding how the bible works and how all of the many books fit together with God as the ultimate author. They were quizzed on the lesson afterward and the first child to raise their hand and answer correctly could select a small prize from a grab bag. We played name-that-object from the bible and also sang a song about the bible complete with hand motions that the children picked up on extremely quickly. Small treats were given promptly at our start time of 9:30 am to encourage arriving on time. We also provided nutritional snacks of fruit juice and apples for everyone midway through the lessons.

During the last half hour we broke up into groups and one group played bible bingo while the other group went outside to play pig-in-the-pen with the ball. The children all seemed to have a great time, so we’ll try to increase our expectations and possibly anticipate a larger turnout next time, God-willing.

52 students turned out for the first Saturday Morning Bible Club session.

Sis. Megan Sabo from the U.S. led the bible classes with Sis. Liezl Scheepers and Bro. Hendri Viljoen from South Africa assisting.

The children brought their bibles and came ready to learn and have fun.

Plenty of eager students ready to answer bible trivia questions.

Feeding the masses! Sis. Megan Sabo serving fruit juice while Bro. Hendri Viljoen cuts apples for the children.

One young lady enjoying her nutritional snack served during a break.

The children busily working on their Psalm 23 worksheet.

The boys working on a bible study sheet handout.

The children listening attentively while Sis. Megan teaches a class on the bible.

Bro. Hendri and I explain a game we’re going to play with the children.

The crowd cheers on the rest of the children playing a game.

The girls enjoyed playing the bible bingo game.

While our bible classes were intended for 10-15 year olds, many younger children came along with their older siblings. Oftentimes in townships, teenagers are left as the sole caretaker for their younger siblings.

With nearly double the turnout of students we expected, we were very thankful to have the help of Bro. Hendri and Sis. Liezl.

Closing in prayer at the end of our first Saturday Morning Bible Club.

In the Glorious Hope of Israel,
Bro. Jonathan Sabo – Kempton Park, South Africa Ecclesia

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