Friday, February 5, 2010

Second Crèche Course in Tembisa now in progress.

Our second Crèche Course kicked off with a BANG today :-) - 25 Ladies registered for the course but 37 turned up. Leona had to re-locate to the bigger hall next door to the room originally booked.
The course serves as the "start up" phase of our CUDDLE (Crèche Upgrade, Development, Directives, Liaison and Education) project. The course runs for 6 consecutive weeks for two hours every Friday. After the course the ladies (who complete the course) receive a certificate. We then visit every crèche personally and give the ladies a collage of photos taken during the course. We also then get a firsthand idea of the "condition" of the crèche and how much the crèche is in need of repairs etc. The list of crèches are then prioritized according to certain criteria and we are supporting the crèches according to the priority list one by one. The work is endless but is every little thing we do at the different crèche's serves as a huge encouragement for the ladies who do such great work in looking after the children every day. 
Whilst we are doing the work we build relationship with these quality woman of the community and we open up opportunities for preaching through word and deed. We are now in the process of getting a roster together for people to give Bible classes at some of these crèches and the demand for Bible related classes and teaching to the children are growing as we come into contact with more of the crèche teachers. Some of the teachers have also expressed a desire to attend our ecclesia and also want to be taught how to teach Bible education. With the community centre launching soon in Tembisa we will be giving courses to the teachers on how to teach children about the Bible as well as providing a venue for more formal Gospel teaching.
We are exited about the opportunities God is opening to us in this way and the way the community has accepted the work we do there and the way we can work together with them. There are still over 250 ladies who are on the waiting list and we thus have a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many teachers and children in the future until our Lord returns.
With abiding love in Jesus
2010 Team here in KMP  

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