Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kempton Park Bible Education Center Classes Off To A Fast Start!

This week, we launched the lunchtime Bible Education Center classes at the new location in Birchleigh North and it’s been an amazing experience already with a very positive reception to bible teaching. It’s such a blessing to be able to have a venue like this to share God’s word with the public on a regular basis.

The bible classes are held from 1-3 pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We had five sharp, perceptive students who showed up on Monday and four students on Tuesday, which bodes well for the future since many times it takes a few weeks to gain momentum for student turnout in the free classes and the student numbers should only go up and up. Already, our students are saying they’re going to bring their friends for Thursday’s classes and they seemed very pleased with the classes.

We’re very blessed, as a not-for-profit group, to be able to use the Committee Room in the Coen Scholtz Community Center free of charge. The community center is located directly next door to the Birchleigh North Mall where the BEC kiosk is located. We advertise the classes through signage at the BEC kiosk and via SMS messaging.

Bro. Lucas Scheepers and I take turns teaching, and he does a remarkable job of adeptly handling in-depth bible questions with ease, since he’s spent 20 years teaching on bible doctrine. The students showed up on the first day ready to fire away with bible questions and they are a friendly, respectful group that are a joy to get to teach.

Some typical questions they’ve asked so far:
Are sacrifices necessary? (In the culture here, people offer sacrifices for their ancestors)
When we’re baptized, do we receive the Holy Spirit?
Why is there suffering in the world, like with the earthquake in Haiti?
How do the Jews and Gentiles fit into the big picture of God’s plan of salvation?

Bro. Lucas Scheepers using E-Sword bible software and an LCD projector to show bible concepts to the students.

Teaching a class on how to become a better bible student.

The students are sharp and showed up ready to learn and ask questions.

Some of my scribbles on the whiteboard during my first class in answering impromptu questions the students had.

Bro. Lucas Scheepers answering bible questions during the BEC lunchtime classes.

Explaining a bible concept to the students in today’s BEC class.

Your brother in Christ's service,
Bro. Jonathan Sabo – Kempton Park, South Africa Ecclesia

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