Sunday, January 29, 2012

Preaching in tembisa

The Bible Class in Tembisa has been going for over a year  and we are very excited about the growth in numbers.  The three brethren in the Tembisa ecclesia wanted the Bible classes to continue throughout  December month even though this time of the year is usually quiet as people go to their homelands. The attendance remained good however. The continuity seems to have has a good effect as we had 38 people at out Bible class on the 17th of January. Half of the people there were school children who attend the Tembisa Sunday School on Sunday morning.





Sunday Mornings are quite a buzz at the Aphiwe Community center in Tembisa lately. The Sunday School kicks off at 8:30 and about 40 children turn up regularly for Sunday school classes. We have two different groups (junior –ages 10 to 14 and Senior group ages 15 – 18). The meeting follows after Sunday school and lately half of the Sunday School group remain to attend the meeting as well. On the 22nd of February we had 30 people attend the meeting and we were particularly happy to see some of the ladies who attended the crèche course and three young boys who attended our chess club also turn up at our Sunday meetings. It is wonderful to build relationships with people that then lead to them wanting to attend our church.




We will be moving our BEC (Bible Education Centre) from a shopping mall into the Tembisa townsip itself. The one room of the Community Center will become the new Bec and we are excited to have the BEC right in the hart of the community where we are bound to reach many more in our preaching efforts.

With abiding love 
KMP Ignite2020 Team

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Nomthandazo Malinga Malinga said...

Good day, I would also love to attend the bible school in Tembisa. As a sunday school teacher in Abundant life christian centre in Tembisa , I would love to get more into bible teaching for kids but dont know how to do this. Please advise