Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BEC sale , Kempton Park

One of our latest events we had going on at the Kempton Park BEC, was to have a two day sale. We got together all the stock we have gathered over the past 2 – 3 years and put it out on some tables just in front of the BEC stall. We had such a great time talking to many people who came to look at books and buy some as gifts for other family members or for themselves, some books were on deep Bible studies and others were on more practical life issues.

Setting up the tables early in the morning with a cool breeze coming through the door, smiling faces of the people walking by, we were excited to spread the good news and advertise our BEC.
We had a lady who came and bought some books for her grandchild, the parents aren't believers but she reads the Bible to the grandchild to teach him God's way.

Another lady came to buy some books for her son who is doing some mission work in an African country, he can't speak their local language so has no friends and finds comfort in reading the books his mom sends.

Youngsters Helping out to

All the children who bought something received a FREE sunhat
We had a gentlemen who bought a Bible for someone who just got baptized that day, he also spoke to us for quite some time of how great God's Kingdom is going to be. We had our Brother Andrew also giving one on one classes to interested students.

Altogether the two days went really well and we got to spread the Gospel a bit more.

God Bless
 Hendri and Liezl

Love the Lord your God.

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