Wednesday, January 25, 2012

cooking course , aphiwe

Here in Guateng we started a cooking Course, with me Hendri the presenter. The look on the lady's faces is priceless when they see a guy presenting the cooking course.

The reason, we started the cooking course was to help the lady's to make new meals for the children but also improve there cooking at home to have a better balanced diet. The cooking course does not only help the people to make food but also we teach them about safety in the kitchen, food preparation, how to fold serviettes and how to lay a table. The small things we use they did not now how to make or do.

In week one we, start with safety in the kitchen, when we have gone through all the things they need to know we start with the making of food. In the first week I teach them how to make small breakfasts but high in protein, we make scrambled eggs, window sandwich (piece of bread, where the centre part is taken out and replaced by a egg) French toast and omelettes, most of these the lady's never knew how to make, every time I ask them if they went home and mad it, most of the time they say yes.
In the second week we make ginger biscuits, where after Liezl takes them and show them how to fold serviettes and how to set a table. Every time they ask a few good questions like what type of plates to use with what type of party, what type of wine glass to use for what wine. We also show them how they can bring the serviettes they fold into there table decorations.

In the third week we show them how to make a cheese and onion bread and a pasta and cheese souse, with this week we start working with more types of food so we start with food preparation and food safety. In this week we show them every thing they need to know about working with the meet groups and vegetables.

Now as we come to week four, we do a chicken stir-fry with them and prize giving, the prize giving would normally take half and hour to go trough 25 certificates, but with the lady's in Tembisa this takes about one and a half hours. With every lady you call to get her certificate she has her own song and so do the next and the next all got there own song to sing.

With the first cooking course we had about 15 ladies and on the second, one we had 26 ladies, we are in the second week of the third cooking course and already we have 19 ladies on the course. It is amazing to see the facial expressions as you go trough the work with them.             

That's all for now from the Kempton-Park team

God Bless
Hendri and Liezl

Love the Lord your God.

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