Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stationary donations - Gauteng

We would like to tell a story on how we experienced the thought and fact of God knowing what we need and not WANT and providing that very thing at the perfect time.

We have been receiving many donations over the past year and been distributing it to many people we have come across in Tembisa as well as in Kempton Park. So as we were busy making up 100 – 150 food parcels we got a phone call from a sister in our ecclesia. She said that her manager from her company was giving away 10 boxes full of stationary and it must be picked up within the next 2 -3 hours or else he is throwing it away. So four of us set off to Johannesburg in the busiest time of the day to pick up the stationary. We made it to the store in time, which is all thanks to God as it usually takes much longer. Thanks to Hendri's amazing packing skills we got all of the boxes to fit in to the back of the bakkie. The stationary was brought home and repacked into smaller packs which were made for many school going children who .... well would you know... are needing stationary for school next year!!

Hendri busy packing the stationary

Last bag of stationary being packed
Hendri and I attended a dinner which was held for all the volunteers who help with the soup kitchen, there we met a lady who is the manager of a safe home for 18 school going girls. She told us how they need to find money to buy stationary for all the girls. We could then, thanks to the donation, help them out too by giving them a bit of the stationary that was given to us, only a few days earlier.

A few parcels given to the safe home
Another way we got to distribute the stationary was with the food parcels we give out at a local school in Tembisa. How excited the children were to receive new stationary.  We also had the Braambos camp that was coming up. We made a stationary parcel for each person attending the camp. After all this there is STILL stationary left!! Makes me think of the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 people. How great it is to be able to give and give and give some more.

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