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P2P South Africa

The 2nd two weeks of January 2008, following the International Amanzi conference saw 10 P2P (Prepared to Preach) Teams preaching the good news of the Kingdom of God all around South Africa. The P2P team members had spent approx. 1 year going through an intensive training program in Australia and America, and their trip to South Africa was the opportunity for them to put into practice their hours of work.

10 teams of 10 members in each were deployed in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Port Elizabeth. The teams spent 1 week on a project and then moved to a different project for the second week. There were a range of projects including Thembisa Orphanage, Kingdom Youth FC, Lamontville PreSchool, Mason Lincoln School for Disabled, Umlazi Tent Ministry, Maragate Creche and BEC, Candu, Bible Education Centres etc.

It was amazing seeing people and cars everywhere you went branded with the "Good News of the Kingdom of God".

The P2Pers preached both in word and action. Using a Touch and Teach approach these young people made meaningful contributions to the lives of hundreds of people, while also teaching them the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

It's hard to quantify the success of the P2P campaign. The mere fact that 100 young people from around the world spent 2 weeks preaching around South Africa is both a first ever, and an amazing achievement. However more than this the impact that this preaching had both on the young people involved and the communities they were working in was huge. Besides 100 young people working full time to spread God's good news, literally hundreds of people were taught the gospel through seminars, music, Kingdom Youth, Kingdom Kids, Kingdom Youth FC (football).

To get a sense of the impact this had on the P2Pers involved here are their words...

"P2P was incredible, I never imagined it would have such an impact on me and my life. Even tho everything has been happening in my country I was quite apprehensive to get involved. I now feel so much more confident when telling people about The Kingdom of God...." (Rachel Bamber)

Talking about a seminar run at the Durban BEC - "I remember how we discussed the fact that we may run into problems with either enough seats, or in providing lunch, which we offered as well. What was so awesome about this was that I was sitting there, and the biggest problem we could think of was that we might have too many people! And if that is our biggest problem, we really don't have a problem." (Eric Lange)

"The Kingdom of God on Earth. That is what my time in Africa gave me a glimpse of! The smiles, the willing and helping hands, the hugs, the constant conversations revolving around our LORD and his plans, the praise, the laughter, the joy! I just cant wait to see what more God has in store for us!! :) My magic moment was in the form of a tiny little boy. We were running a holiday "Kids Club" for the Umlazi kids and one of the activities was a prayer group. We asked the kids to say the one thing that they would like to pray to God for...more than anything else in the world. Instead of wanting to be a better soccer player, or to be rich, this little one's hearts desire was for "every man to be with his God." (Melody Kingston).

"I think one of the things that has impacted me the most is that, it has taken me to travel half way across the world to become close to people that live an hour away from me.....But you know what I think that unspoken connection is? Its this connection that we know we've already experienced some of the kingdom. The harmony we shared with people everywhere, the immense happiness we found in helping people and all the smiles on the africans faces as they were so willing and eager to learn about God. To me, this experience cannot be explained in words. All I can say is it was much much more than we could ever imagined and even greater must the kingdom be." (Mikki Pogson)

And the response of the people?

"I'm unable to say thank you to you all for what you've done. One thank you is not enough for everything you've given me and my church....I wish I had a thousand mouths, so I could give you a thousand thank you's...What is most amazing about what you've given us, is that you came here spending your time, energy and skills in service. You could've just sent a cheque...but instead you came here to see the children, and to lend your skills. And your skills, especially in this country, are priceless." (Nick Morgan on behalf of Leonard from Umlazi)

And so while many of the P2Pers have now returned home enriched by their experiences and enthused to continue the good work of preaching the Good News of the Kingdom, we in South Africa have before us a huge harvest waiting to be brought.

"I tell you, take a good look at the fields; the crops are now ripe and ready to be harvested!" - Jesus (John 4:35)

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