Saturday, February 23, 2008


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Well, what a week we’ve had – just about a week 3 of P2P. Jessica Russell, Alissa Sillars and Becky Brown teamed up with Liezl Scheepers and what a team they turned out to be!! Jess is a natural with little children and turned the crèche at Ubuhle into a very constructive place. With a lot of creative ideas, games and activities the kids were really kept busy whilst having fun and learning. On top of all that a manual is in the making to help the mothers who look after the children to continue the structure that Jess has established. Alissa, Liezl , and Becky were also amazing with the way they interacted and played with the little ones. Today (Friday) the kids were taken to the zoo. When we arrived at the Creche all the children ran to the 4 girls to meet them with great excitement. The day at the zoo was great fun and laughs.


One of the kids at the orphanage, Lucas, is physically and mentally impaired but it is amazing how is interaction with the other children and the attention that he got these past two weeks has made him a lot more self sufficient and attentative and he participates a lot more in activities now. He also went to the zoo ad enjoyed it thoroughly. Jess has made some improvements to his wheel chair (seatbelt and sponges under the feet rests) to help him develop his muscles better. Here again it is just amazing how God helps us even in the littlest of detail. We went to a scrap yard to look for a seatbelt , even just a part of it. The man there, when hearing what it was for made sure we get a totally complete seatbelt and gave it to us for free, The next thing we were looking for was the right type of foam for the feet rests on his wheel chair. We could not find during the rushed “scouting sessions” fitted in between the rush and busy schedules of the week. On Friday however, in the afternoon at 6pm we went to a lady who had received a leaflet that the P2P group dished out on the streets in January. She phoned us and asked us to come pick up some old bibles and clothes for the KMPBEC. When we arrived there and collected the goods it turned out that they sell foam – exactly the kind we needed for Lucas. After that we managed to get him new boots as well that will help him to walk more on the souls of his feet than on his toes. It is amazing how God is just showering blessings on the orphanage and we thank him for using us as His instruments.


On Wednesday we took all the older children for a shopping day. The Christadelphian home for the elderly in South Port (UK), via sister Vinca had very kindly donated some funds specifically for the children to buy themselves new clothes – something most of them have never done before. It was really heart-warming to see how these children enjoyed doing something we take so for granted and how thankful they were. Sister Alissa was an absolute star on the shopping day as her phenomenal PA and maths skills came to the fore. She kept track of al the children’s expenses and made sure we stayed within the budget.


You can find photos of the two events at the following URLS:


Shopping day : -


Day at the Zoo : -


During the week we also received a donation (trailer load full!) of toiletries that we had to unload and pack and redistribute/store. It was hard work and all the sisters pitched in. Becky however impressed us no end with her strength that she must have developed in the days when she worked as a landscaper. Look deceive as this pretty young lady can sure trough some heave bags out of a trailer.


It never ceases to amaze us how everyone has strengths that is just what is needed for the job at hand. How wonderful that opportunities are now created that enables many more to use their particular skills in the new wider preaching “arena.”


Work at the BEC and for the Bec also continued as we gave Bible classes, and also bought stock. Preparations for our first Bible Truth Study day on 1 March  also got underway.


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