Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Durban BEC News

The Durban BEC has been going well. Last week Bro. Marcus McGilvray came to the BEC and did some one-on-one HIV/AIDS counselling. Last week we ran a seminar on the topic of the trinity. It went so well that more than half of the attendees said they would definitely come back next week. We have also now started compiling a list of shelters to refer people to when they come in with serious needs.

The reason that we are compiling a list of shelters started off because of an interesting visitor that came into the BEC a couple of weeks ago. He came in, almost in tears, asking about life after death. This question took me completely by surprise so I asked him to tell me what was wrong. After I asked him a few questions he told me that he was 17 and that he had run away from Zimbabwe to South Africa. In Zimbabwe he had lived with his older sister and his two brothers. However his sister gave them all poison and then took some herself. He somehow managed to survive all this and has come right to our doorstep, looking for answers to the truth about life.

I allowed him to sit with us for the day and do some bible courses. He looked everything up straight from the bible and was very interested in more. We never know what God has planned for us. The BEC might very well be the answer to this young man's prayers.

Bro. Kyle Clopton

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