Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kempton Park BEC - the work continues - full steam ahead

We are still riding the wave the P2P groups James and John caused here in January. Sisters Jessica Russell, Alissa Sillars and Becky Brown have been with us for the past two weeks and have continued the work at the KMPBEC as well as at the Ubuhle Bezwe Orphanage.


Last week Jess and Alissa visited the Orphanage every morning and established a structured morning activty schedule for the creche. Jess has been flat out busy compiling a manual for the creche so that the mothers there can keep the children busy constructively every day. The manual is almost complete and will be a very useful document in the future. It has been heartwarming to see how one little child in particular (Lucas), who is somewhat mentally and physically handicapped, has been responding to the work the girls have been doing and the attention they have been giving him. He even attends Sunday School now on Sundays and is able to understand a great deal of what is going on.


Work at the BEC has been ongoing as well and we had three very interesting and rewarding Lunch Time Bible Classes last week with three students. With all the helping hands the BEC also got a face lift and a new window display with “Love” as the theme. We have changed the BEC interior to facilitate a table and chairs for people to relax around and discuss Bible matters. It has already been put to good use and we had an interesting discussion with a Pastor about marriage.


This week, God willing, there will be the same work going on but in addition we will be distributing leaflets and fetching and distributing some food and other items that have been donated to the Orphanage.


We praise God for all the opportunities He is giving us and the way He is helping us to preach his word in so many different ways.









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