Friday, February 1, 2008

P2P in SA in MultiMedia

It is not really possible to capture the experience that the P2Pers had during their 2 weeks of preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God in South Africa. While the words and the photos give a glimpse into the life-changing impact this had on the P2Pers and the people they came into contact with, the experience is still much much more than you imagine.

However the P2P groups did put some video presentations together that give another insight into their experiences. Attached to this blog post are 3 videos that tell the stories of 3 of the teams.

Team Thomas spent week 1 at the Durban BEC and week 2 at the Lamontville PreSchool/Youth Centre.

Team Phillip spent their time at the Lamontville PreSchool/Youth Centre and Margate BEC/Creche/Youth Centre.

Team Andrew shared the Good News of the Kingdom of God at Umlazi township and at Candu in the Eastern Cape where we have an ecclesia and a creche running for the local community.

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