Friday, February 13, 2009

The first Durban youth day of 2009!

On the 31st of January, Lamontville Good News Centre was filled with 50 youth from Lamontville, New Forest, Mariannhill, and Umlazi (from Happy’s school for the disabled).

The day began with snacks and the youth had a chance to interact with each other and catch up on their summer holiday news.

We were not sitting down for very long before we were once again on the move, as an ice breaker was called, and an ice breaker it was….as this game involved people sitting on peoples laps. David White had up to 8 youth on his lap at one stage!

Once this was finished and we all new each other a little better we returned to our seats to listen to a talk on Faith by Tim Morse, a volunteer from the UK.

After this it was time for some games, as the weather was a scorcher these were water games. There had been a little scare as there was no running water at Lamontville when we first arrived, but luckily it had come in it time for these games!

So there were races to see which of the teams could fill containers with water the fastest making ping-pong balls float to the top, water bomb relays and the best of all, water bomb fights! A very wet group returned back inside for a talk from Paul Zilmer (USA) on people of Faith.

The day ended with lunch: hot dogs, sandwiches and fruit, along with some more “catching up” between the youth.

All in all it was a great day and a wonderful number of enthusiastic youth who attended.

Amy McClure, Australia

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