Saturday, February 7, 2009

New COP project in Gauteng - Modimo Oteng Creche (Tembisa)

“Modimo Oteng” means “God is great” in Sotho – and so He is!! The new “Modimo Oteng” crèche is only 4 km’s away from the Ubuhle Bezwe Orphanage. A lady named Mpule lives in a small room attached to a hall that is used by some church on Sundays from 11:00 to 14:00. For the rest of the time it is pretty under utilised. Mpule is the caretaker and gets to stay free for doing the caretaker job. She is HIV pos but a wonderful woman trying to live a good fruitful life. Her two sons have been coming to our Sunday School for the last year. Bro. Tebogo met Mpule in a taxi once, got talking and that is how we got connected with her. She has expressed her desire to run a crèche for mainly HIV orphans ever since she met us. Once the owner of the hall gave her permission to use the hall at a small rent per month her dream started becoming a reality as we were very willing to help her start the crèche and make it an official COP project.


The COP (via sister Leona) helped Mpule and the other two ladies who will be teaching, with all the planning and budgeting. Hopefully we can soon run the crèche as an income earning business for Mpule. Mpule is ever so thankful and exited.


The benefit for us is that we get to use the hall on Sunday mornings 9:00 to 10:30 for Sunday School and Bible Class. We have thus moved the Sunday school for the Ubuhle Bezwe children into the Township (Tembisa) just “next door” to them. It saves us making 2 trips into the Township as we did last year when we had to transport the Ubuhle children to our meeting in KMP and then back again after Sunday School. We will obviously be saving a lot of time and petrol cost. We can thus now provide Sunday School for all the children in the neighbourhood and have the potential to have a Sunday School of 60 children in the future! While the Sunday School is running we will also be providing an adult Bible Class – so the outreach work to support the crèche has a good preaching benefit as well.


God is ever so amazing. The day we went to scrape the walls for painting it was overcast. When we got to the hall we found out that it is easier to scrape off the old paint off when you wet the walls first but they had no water – It started raining as we got there and we could get water coming off the roof into some buckets – it stopped raining a few minutes after we finished – how is that for providing from heaven’s storehouse! J


After two days of scraping we eventually got to the actual painting and the end result was great. The hall look very good, clean and new and ready to facilitate a lot of little ones in an environment where they can play, have fun and also learn a lot of things.


You can see some more photos of the preparation work at the crèche at


Lots of love in the incredibly powerful name of Jesus



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