Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Modimo Oteng Creche - Week one

Modimo Oteng Crèche opened its doors for the first time on Monday 2 Feb 2009. It was a great feeling to see the hall that was so dirty and subdued the previous week turned into a warm lively area where young kids could play and learn.


Day one saw eight children of an expected ten enrol. Mpule, Cynthia and Dora (the three teachers) were in high spirit as their dream finally became a reality – to provide quality child care in their neighbourhood. The commitment of these ladies are remarkable if one considers that they are willing to look after the children from 7am in the morning to about 6pm at night time and still charge a relatively low tariff so that the poorer people in the community can also afford it. They have a long day ahead of them every day of the week but their resolve to keep the children busy constructively while having fun is strong.


So, with three highly motivated teachers, a brand new looking hall, a big soft carpet and lots of educational toys and equipment the children were in good hands and the constructive well thought out program and lessons kept them occupied and soon the first day was over. Not before Mpule got conformation, however that three more children would be joining them the next day! – So, it was all systems go and growth from day one.


The crèche is sure to live up to it’s name – “Modimo Oteng!”- God is great indeed!


Day two saw 12 children turning up at the crèche. It was even more lively than the first day. It is really impressive to see how quickly Mpule and Dora have managed to get the children into a well structured routine consisting of lessons, play time, rest times and also feeding times. During the day a father turned up at the crèche to enrol his daughter for the following week. One could see that he was impressed by the atmosphere at the crèche and the way the teachers were interacting with the children. Dora especially is a natural teacher and she does very well in teaching the children new things every day. A special thanks to Sister Amy Mcclure, Sister Trudy Clark and Dan and Leah Egginton for all their help and support as well.


We thank God for the wonderful way He is enabling us to make a difference in the lives of so many people and wait with expectation to see where He will lead us in this new exiting project.


Charitably yours

The Kempton Park ecclesia


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