Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Margate Crèche Graduation and Treat

Sunday December 14, 7:20 am Cathy accompany by Char in the passenger seat of her
Car pulled into the driveway of the Westville Hall with trailer in tow, with much difficulty we manage to packed the trailer full with goodies for the kids, and of course food.

Hyacinth do you know the way? The South African asks the Jamaican, yes I do. So we set off on our long journey, it’s 7:35 we must be there by 9:00. The memorial service is held at 9:00 am to accommodate the Crèche parent and children.

Today will always be special for all the kids but more so for Ayanda, she is the Crèche first graduate. The parent could not contain themselves some were dressed as proud as peacock.

The Ceremony got stated with Nelson as translator as most parent only understand Zulu. Alistair gave a short to the parent about Jesus return as king and pointing out that they too can find a place in his Kingdom. He also encourage Ayanda to continue to be as bright as a button. Each child was given a back pack with toy set lunch kit, colouring book, crayons and lots more, the parents were as excited as the kids.

Lunch was served and we all partake of tasty sandwiches, cake, juice, Ice-cream and much to the kids delight sweets. Every one enjoyed the day’s event, said their good byes and set off home.

Everyone had left, Cathy, Char and I were just about to set off when two parent arrived, they looked puzzled, it’s over we told them and ask Nelson to give them some refreshment and the kids their gifts, seabonga (thank you). Nelson told the Moms that I was their teacher and responsible for the days event, also that I was from Jamaica and would be returning home at the end of the month. They told Nelson to say thanks and wish me a safe journey home with Gods blessing.

One mom started singing in Zulu (talk together) Nelson’ mouth fell wide open, he then told me what she was singing. This mom child is two years and four months old, Nelson and Celia the Crèche teachers told me she could not talk, I have been talking to her over time and one day I gave her a snack and she said thank you mam, this child they say could not talk, taught her mom the song.

Hyacinth Linton Harvey, Jamaica

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