Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lamontville Good News Centre bursts into 2009!

On 21st of January 2009, Lamontville crèche opened once again with thirty excited children and two teachers. One teacher was Sister Rose Mhlongo who taught the children last year and one new teacher, Phumzile.

The day began with breakfast cooked by Elsie (new cook), followed by the morning circle where the children met each other (including the teachers) and discussed activities they did during the holidays. The park was a very popular place during the summer!

The day continued with the children learning as they participated in the lessons and interacted with each other during the free play times, building good relationships. The children who attend this crèche are from some of the poorest families from the Lamontville township and are subsidised through the COP Trust. If these children did not attend the crèche they would have no other opportunity to attend a crèche at all.

On 25th of January, Lamontville Sunday School and meeting began again with 50 enthusiastic scholars! They were taught the story of Sodom and Gomorah. The children enjoyed acting out Lot and his family, running away from this wicked city. The Sunday school is taught by Sisters Yvette and Danelle Van Rooyen.

Sunday school is not the only thing that has resumed after the summer holidays; the reading classes are once again being held on Tuesdays. This is where children and young teenagers are encouraged to attend the centre for a Bible and English lesson and then have the opportunity to develop and enhance their reading skills through reading to the volunteers who are there.

The youth at Lamontville are slowly building up with the continued support of Andrew, our only regular youth member at the moment. On Fridays, a new program has begun at Lamontville where a youth activity is held in the afternoon for those aged 14-18. On these days they have a small talk and then enjoy a couple of games with each other followed by snacks and chat.

We thank our heavenly Father for the growth of the church in Lamontville and ask for His blessing as it continues to grow.

Amy McClure, Australia

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