Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jamming for Jesus and Kingdom Youth FC

so recently we have been working on a new idea called 'jamming for jesus' J4J (i know, little bit cheesy!) where we teach spiritual lessons through music.

it stemmed from the idea of kingdom youth fc which does the same thing through football.

laura i and julie trial ran it for 3 days early in december...while mat and laura s ran kingdom youth fc! the aim is to give kids the opportunity to learn the guitar while learning about the word of God.

we ran the courses up at mariannhill and were so pleased with the results!

here are the j4j gang on their first day!

they listened so well and tried so hard...

they were all TOTAL pro's at the 12 bar blues by day three!
here they are looking like proper little rock stars!

we had a well deserved certificate and hotdog session on saturday morning, the last day of the course with all our J4J and Kingdom Youth kids. lovelylovely.

next step is to hopefully set it up around schools in the townships and do workshops with some of the volunteers who live over here on how to teach it themselves so they can carry it on when we leave!

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