Saturday, December 8, 2012

102 years of Age

Today we went to drop off 200 food parcels and 100 gift bags at the GoGo's (Granma's and Granpa's) in Esselen Park and Tembisa. Each person gets a parcel of dry foods and a parcel of fruit and vegetables. Because of it being the festive season and the last parcels for this year we put together a little gift for them as well.

The local lady who chooses who gets parcels is Elizabeth, she gets the people together and we just arrive and give out the parcels. We gave out half the parcels at the first stop, Elizabeth then jumps in the car with us and we then went to see her grandmother who is 102 old. Amazingly she could still walk! She walks with a stick and moves very slow but still amazing to see someone of that age move on her own and still understand what you talk about and she had a few good laughs with us.

We then went to the second place to drop the rest of the parcels. After giving out the parcels we were asked to drop off 3 GoGo's who had to walk far to get home. We ended up having 8 ladies get in and on the car together with 5 volunteers. Luckily we didn't have to drive too far and we got them all home safely.

Liezl Viljoen
Ignite2020 team in Kempton Park

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