Friday, December 7, 2012

Computer Distribution

Prayers were answered once again when we were in need of some computers to help children who are not able to attend school have some learning tools in their homes. Also to help children who do really well at school. We were donated a couple of Desktops and with the help of the men in our team we were able to build up 6 good PC's. We installed some math games, English worksheets and Bible software on the computers for the children to work with and improve their education while playing games on the computer.

Jabulani is 18 years of age but paralyzed and stays home the whole day. When we dropped his PC off we sat and helped teach him how to use the mouse and switch on the Computer. He has a younger sister who was very eager to learn as welland she will be helping him with the math games.

Another PC was given to Fortunate, she is also paralysed but very smart. She learnt very quickly how to switch on the PC and use the mouse. We played a game where you had to drag the correct answer across the screen to the relevant box, within 20 minutes she was able to click and drag with the mouse.

Zodwa, 19 years old, attends many of our courses including Sunday School. She was delighted to received a PC. She has had computer classes before at school and was very excited to have her own computer on which she can complete her studies and enhance her computer skills.

Happy was the last recipient on our PC distribution drive for the day. She is still in primary school and learnt very quickly how to use the PC. Her whole family consisting of her mom,aunt,2 sisters and 2 brothers were all excited and loved watching her play around on the PC. She loved the program "Note Pad" where she typed in a couple of sentences. We showed her how to save the document and showed her how to open it again - she was amazed that you could do that. She is looking forward to writing many thank you notes to people on her computer. 

- Liezl Scheepers
Ignite2020 Team - Kempton Park

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