Friday, December 28, 2012

Sister Lerato's baptism

The 25th of December was a very special day this year. We had a lot of our ecclesia members around to Adieu to spend some family time together. The highlight was however the baptism of sister Lerato. Lerato is the sister of sister Jacky Laminele and she gave a very good confession of her faith shortly before she was baptized. It was wonderful to hear how she became convinced of the Gospel message through the help of her sister Jacky and Bro. Andrew Nyati who works at the Tembisa BEC every day. Lerato's logic reasoning, enthusiasm for the truth, certain conviction and mature understanding of the life that is before her as a delight to experience during her interview. We all experienced great joy when she was baptized and become a new member of our growing ecclesia in Tembisa.

With abiding love in Jesus
Ignite2020 team Kempton Park

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