Saturday, December 8, 2012

Party time with the kids

We were going to take Molly's crèche children on an outing to the park. On the day we were to go it was pouring with rain. We thought of canceling everything because we couldn't take 20 – 30 children outside to get soaked. We came up with a plan to take them to Aphiwe centre instead, most of these children never go on outings so it was a big deal to them. The centre was already set up for our jumble sale and completely packed with stuff, but Lauren and I started cleaning the centre while Hendri went to pick up all the children. Luckily it was clean enough to have children running around by the time they arrived.

Hendri entertaining the kids with a puppet

We were given some gifts and food for the children by a local company. There were party hats and masks which each child also got. Some of the little ones were terrified of the masks and once they were on their faces they wouldn't touch them, even when they were blocking their vision they would go walking into things rather than move it.

One of the children who won't touch the mask


    Too cute

Seun enjoying himself

The party started off with everyone sitting in a circle and singing some songs, we played some musical chairs which was lots of fun, especially when the kids get up and run all different directions and crash into one another. There was one girl who would always want to go sit back on HER chair, she wouldn't sit on any other chair.

Musical chairs about to start

Hendri trying to direct the children

Winners of Musical chairs

Obstacle courses were built for the children, sheets were used to make tunnels, balancing beams and hula hoops for hopping. It was so nice to see some of the elder children helping the younger ones. It made me think of our journey toward the Kingdom, how we as brothers and sisters help one another through this world (our obstacle course) to get to the Kingdom.

Older boy helping the younger kids

After we had lunch and the children got their gifts, they were all exhausted and so were the teachers. All in all, the day was very successful even though it looked in the morning like it was going to have to be canceled. Another day well spent with more of God's beautiful children.

Lunch Time

Hendri giving the balls to the children

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