Sunday, December 2, 2012

Takalani Creche Painting

Takalani Crèche was upgraded a few months ago but there was no time to paint her outside wall. This did however happen in last week. Hendri, Liezl, James and Michelle went to paint the wall and paint a sign for her crèche. It was a very hot day but all went well.

We started off by painting the whole wall a nice bright pink colour. James took ownership of the numbers line and did an amazing job. Hendri did an excellent job on painting the snakes head and tail and drawing the sign for Liezl to paint. Michelle did a great job at the letters in the snake and made our trees look better by adding in the flowers. The teacher of the crèche, Letswele, was so happy with the paintings and kept on praising God. She said to Liezl :"My husband just left me with my 4 boys and we did not know how we will live, but now God is blessing me with you people and my crèche will grow now, God always helps me."   

Your sister by grace
Liezl Scheepers

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