Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Hills are alive with the sounds of the Good News

Working with children, who have nothing, yet they are the happiest and most loving people you could ever wish to meet. Whereas we can often approach the future with anxiety and apprehension, despite our endless opportunities, they look forward with smiles and laughter despite the difficulties they will face, and that should be an example to us all. I came with the idea that I was here to teach and lead others. I leave with the sense that I have been the one who has been lead and that they have taught me more than I will ever realise! George Kitchen, UK

One of the most moving moments for me was walking through the black settlement a short drive away from Margate ecclesial hall. We went there to “touch” by picking up litter but it was clear that our efforts were only just scratching the surface, as the whole place was like a rubbish dump. The people there had to suffer these appalling conditions every day of their lives, and the children were running around on dirt, broken glass, rusted cans and who knows what else! I would guess that a lot of them had never seen white people before, as we got a lot of stares. One lady there, who told us her name as Doris, asked us to pray for her. The next day, we cooked a breakfast braai on the corner outside the settlement where people were literally waiting for someone to give them a job. We handed out leaflets for the talk and told them we would pick some of them up for it. Last night we had the talk and, although we had spent two days leafleting in the mall, in the end the only visitors other than Christadelphians were those we’d picked up from the settlement. Brother Nelson translated what Brother Kyle was saying so that everyone understood. He was talking about how we can become part of God’s plan and his kingdom. Nelson told me afterwards that one of the men who had come had said he was ready to commit his life to Jesus. So hopefully this will be the start of a new growth for this small ecclesia which has diminished so much in numbers over the years. May God bless all the efforts at Margate! Shona Taunton, UK

While we were walking/leafleting around Mariannhill, we stopped to talk to people outside their houses. One guy, when he saw our t-shirts with the “Good News of the Kingdom of God” message, said “Ah, the kingdom of God. We want to know everything about that. We need God here.” Another incredible moment was handing out the GNOTKOG t-shirts to 250 children on the football pitch and then seeing the kids running all over the Mariannhill valley wearing them. An amazing witness and really moving. Hannah Parker, UK

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