Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marvellous Moments at Marianhill

ThumbnailGod has a special affection for those who are poor in this world, but rich in faith.  Many witnesses saw Him at work once more in the calling of Nokuthula, who joined God's family at Marianhill, on Sunday, 9th August.


recently purchased, land, (and already expanded!) meeting room at
Marionhill was full of brethren, sisters, friends and young people as
they shared this special day.  Sister Nokut
Thumbnailhula was received into fellowship, and joyful songs of praise filled the air.  Brother Matthew Blewett's inspirational exhortation touched the hearts of all those present.  The occasion was brought to a close by a meal of celebration at the home of brother Phinda and sister Sylvester Cele.


ThumbnailMarianhill ecclesia now numbers twelve members.  That
may not seem many, but as that tiny bank of dedicated disciples changed
the face of Jerusalem
two thousand years ago by its dynamic preaching
of the Word, so this small committed ecclesia is changing the face of


David White

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